5 Gems For Your Tech Journey

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First of all,

1.Non-Coding Techie

Not every digital career requires coding. Knowledge of coding is relevant and is a plus for ANY job role. However, if coding is not something you are overly excited about, you can still have a successful career in the digital space. Fields such as product management, project management and even UI roles don’t require one to be an active coder.

2.Seek Mentorship

Believe it or not, you cannot do it alone. Well, technically, you can but that’s a waste of time and effort. Make sure you take advantage of all the connections you have. Everyone you know who’s a more experienced techie than you are is an invaluable resource. When you hit a roadblock, quickly google the issue(no shame here!) check your notes and books. If after 3 hours of mulling over a block of code, you’ve made zero progress, reach out to people for help. It doesn’t make you weaker; only smarter.

3. Learn With Your Hands

4. Learners Learn

I hate to break it to you but if you're a learner, then your job is to learn. This is especially important in a fast-growing field like tech. Decide to invest time and effort into your tech journey. Read books and blogs, listen to podcasts, watch videos and intentionally expose yourself to techy spaces. The more you interact with the world of devs and technology, the more sense it makes to you.

And finally,

5. We Don’t Give Up Over Here!

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