6 out of 8 Codetrain students have secured jobs less than 2 months after graduation.


In just a year, Gerald dreams are set to come true!

After wanting to be a software developer for such a long time, Gerald joined our year-long boot camp and graduated in September. In the year, he studied mobile app development and web development.

His final project was an app called Casibus, built to help with Covid-19 information sharing for healthcare professionals.

Just 2 months later, he received an offer from Meqasa, Ghana’s leading real estate company. In just 14 months, Gerald has seen a real turn around in his life. We can’t wait to see the amazing things he does in the future!


Kezia was elated when she got her offer letter from RentAir.

She has finally become a professional software developer. That was what Codetrain promised her before she signed on to the one-year boot camp. Still, it was a delightful surprise that the code school followed through on their promise. That wasn’t the first place she had been to in her quest to become a software developer.

She built many projects during her year-long training, the most significant of which was her COVID-19 Diagnostic app that she launched on Codetrain’s most recent Apps Demo Day.

Soar on Kezia! No limits.


Solomon had been considering a programming career for a while. He did what anyone else would do. He consulted Google and then youtube. The problem was that he still wasn’t sure what he was doing.

Codetrain gave him a structure and a community within which to become a professional software programmer.

After a year-long boot camp, Solomon has world-class proficiency in mobile app development and web development.

He just received an offer from Tapes Uk. Talk about dreams coming true;


Mimi’s tech journey started with a pivot.

She was a radio broadcaster who decided she wanted to be a coder.

After an exceptional year at Codetrain, she went on to host the unique challenge she also secured a job with rent a women’s final Project does a product called FlyDoctor that was built to fight against the global pandemic.


Anita has always wanted to be her best self so she could make a difference in the world.

Even though she had already started her career in real estate, when she saw the opportunity to upskill with Codetrain’s one-year boot camp, she couldn’t turn it down.

After a year of intensive training, Anita was able to build a Covid-19 diagnostic app design to help reduce queuing and crowding at hospitals.


Boureimah can now proudly say that he’s where he wants to be! (just for now though)

He just started at RentAir about two weeks ago.

The journey wasn’t easy but it definitely wasn’t as difficult as he anticipated it would be.

Boureimah spent a year at Codetrain learning mobile app development and web development. He worked on a final project called Fly Doctor, specially designed to help in the fight against Covid-19.

We are honoured to have been a part of his journey so far.

Joseph and Ofoe are still in taking interviews we’ll be sure to update you on their stories!

This could be you in a year’s time. Apply here to join our world-class boot camp.

Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities. www.codetraingh.com

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