Through the month of November, Codetrain hosted the AHK Innovation Challenge. The challenge was aimed at giving Ghanaian young ladies the chance to build fully-functional software products from the ground up.

In the first week, the ladies learnt about how to write requirements and the thought process involved in building software products. We also had our very first pizza day and photo session. There was so much excitement in the air. Every day was an adventure to look forward to.

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20 years ago, if you bought a plot of land and later found out that it had 5 other owners, you’d be deserving of sympathy.But with MeQasa around, if this is your story, then it’s almost laughable.

Technology has made everything so much easier. The proliferation of smartphones and devices has made it easier to have access to a world of endless possibilities and so much innovation.

MeQasa is a software start up that provides a free catalogue of real estate products for prospective buyers to choose from. …


In just a year, Gerald dreams are set to come true!

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After wanting to be a software developer for such a long time, Gerald joined our year-long boot camp and graduated in September. In the year, he studied mobile app development and web development.

His final project was an app called Casibus, built to help with Covid-19 information sharing for healthcare professionals.

Just 2 months later, he received an offer from Meqasa, Ghana’s leading real estate company. In just 14 months, Gerald has seen a real turn around in his life. …

Picture this. 2 young boys.

Lagos, Nigeria.

A laptop and a dream- “Stripe for Africa”.

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5 years later, what was just a dream is now a multinational start-up- Paystack.

Since the first time he saw one, Gerald has been fascinated with how computers work. He would look at his electronic organizer and wonder. What goes on behind the screens? What does it look like on the inside? How does it work?

This curiosity never left him. Unfortunately, like most people, he decided to take the ‘sensible’ route.

He got into college to study a course that he thought was a reliable one; the less risk, the better, right?

Apparently not

He graduated and started working a job he detested. That’s when it dawned on him that he’d rather spend…

Just about a year ago, we welcomed a big change. We launched a new program with a new tech stack. The length of training moved from being 6 months to being 1 year. The changes were necessary because we believe that education must help position learners to do well. The new program was built specially with that thought in mind and Gen 12 was the very first cohort to embark on this year-long journey.

After a year of learning sessions and projects, the 8-member cohort made it to the end of the boot camp. …

Ofoe currently works as an Accounts Officer at Dizengoff Ghana Ltd. He’s a few days away from graduating from our one-year program. The thing that got him started on his tech journey is quite interesting and we’re proud of him!

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Why did you choose Codetrain.

After university, during national service, Excel was the tool I was best at. the more I learnt its functionalities the easier daily tasks at work became. At one point I was writing very complex functions to perform tasks in excel. I liked loved excel work way more than I loved my job itself. I figured perhaps software development is something…

Boureima Tapily was a Network and Systems Administrator at Kanis Technology Mali. Before joining Codetrain, he felt the need to upskill and become a full software developer. He had had enough of living in survival mode; it was time to make his dreams come alive. He joined the best programming school in Africa, Codetrain and his experience has been exceptional.

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Why did you join Codetrain

I have always dreamed of becoming a great programmer, solving technical problems and developing my own software. By joining Codetrain, I hoped to learn all the rudiments of programming and become a Full stack developer in record time.

How has the experience been so far?

The road…

23-year-old Solomon works in an organization that organizes exams for high school students. His zeal for IT was so high that he decided to take online courses to acquire tech skills. After getting in over his head, Solomon found us. Codetrain was able to offer him a well-defined structure to his learning and also gave him a solid community of developers to grow with.

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Why did you join Codetrain?

I was curious to find out how computers worked. One day, a workmate sent me some links to some online programming courses. I took a Java course which I found difficult. I had no idea what…

The Codetrain Experience lasts a full year. By the end of the year, our trainee developers are fully equipped. They are professional software engineers; ready to compete on the job market. Gerald, a business admin student at the University of Ghana, is still in the final days of our 1-year track and he’s already secured a remote internship position with ThinkSopht Labs. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his journey so far.

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Why did you join Codetrain?

Since the very first time I saw a computer, been intrigued by what it does and how it works. …


Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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