Breaking the Distance Barrier-How a Young Lady Realised Her Dream of Becoming a Web Developer

It is through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we have always mapped our path — Michael Dell.

Adeola Adedigba had the opportunity of meeting Codetrain’s founder, Richard Brandt, one of 2019 top 50 Young CEOS in Ghana and Enpact 2018 fellow, at the 2019 Techpoint Build conference. Codetrain emerged as part of the top 3 Best Startup in Africa at the Techpoint Pitch Storm competition in Lagos last year. After a discussion with the CEO, she knew she had to join Codetrain’s world-class software developer training program to realize her dream of becoming a web developer one day.

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She urgently wanted to join but it seemed impossible because she was serving her nation in the NYSC. The Codetrain team decided to break the distance barrier, since Codetrain has no branch in Lagos, in order to help make Adeola’s dream come true, by having a virtual program. Teachers at Codetrain scheduled classes and assignments online for Adeola. Excited, Adeola decided to make the most out of it.

After a few months, Adeola finally completed her studies fully online and that was a big dream come true for her which all started with an opportunity of meeting the right person at the right place and being ‘curious’.

Studying online wasn't so easy for me. I was doing my national service while studying. I had to make lots of sacrifices. Also the fact that Icouldn't be in a physical class almost discouraged me, but surprisingly the virtual class had a real classroom feel with teachers being available online ready to assist! So Iput out my best and conquered every fear and doubt and things that held me back from achieving my goal.

Adeola is now working as a Software Developer with Precise Financial Systems Limited in Nigeria. In her own words, “This is my second job since I completed Codetrain’s course, I’m extremely excited and hope to achieve more.”

Through curiosity and maximizing the opportunity of meeting the CEO of Codetrain, Adeola was able to realize her dream of becoming a professional Software Developer. We wish Adeola well and can’t wait to see her achieve greater successes in her career!

Our mission at Codetrain is to break barriers and create a safe space for young people to realize their dreams of becoming world-class software developers and with our virtual program, make such dreams come true. #COVID-19 has necessitated the need for the entire education space to go virtual in order to #FlattenTheCurve and that, with Adeola’s success with the Codetrain’s virtual program, it will inspire Africa’s young generation to believe in the prospects of virtual training to transform their lives.

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Codetrain is a special school that trains anybody to become a professional software developer and matches them to internships and job opportunities. Join us now. Call or WhatsApp +233545792397/+233548604333 or send an email to to register now. Visit for more.

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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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