Meet Gerald; Business Major Turned Tech Changemaker

The Codetrain Experience lasts a full year. By the end of the year, our trainee developers are fully equipped. They are professional software engineers; ready to compete on the job market. Gerald, a business admin student at the University of Ghana, is still in the final days of our 1-year track and he’s already secured a remote internship position with ThinkSopht Labs. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his journey so far.

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Why did you join Codetrain?

Since the very first time I saw a computer, been intrigued by what it does and how it works. I very much wanted to gain insight into what goes on behind the screen.

I remember owning an organiser very back in the day. What that device did was save contacts and show date and time. You could also save memos on there. I wondered every day how those functions were even possible.

This curiosity stuck with me till I was older and working a job I didn’t love. Then I set out to follow my dreams. I searched online for programming schools and shortlisted a few. I visited the few for further enquires and Codetrain stood out to me immediately I stepped foot into the hub.

How has the Codetrain experience been so far?

My experience so far with Codetrain has been awesome. Even with Covid-19 altering the way we usually go about class sessions, Codetrain was able to take the whole schooling experience online. We still had uninterrupted class schedules and campus setting online where we could still contact gen mates and teaching fellows whenever. I was really impressed.

What’s your dream?

It is my dream to create a household app that people can rely on anytime to solve a specific problem. After all, the essence of technology is to make people’s lives easier.

How do you see your dream coming true through tech?

Before, I wondered how an organiser could save data and manipulate data. Now I with the skills I’ve acquired, I can instruct a computer to do anything it is capable of. Now that is a dream come through for me!

Even with no prior IT background, his pivot from Business Administration to tech has been almost seamless. And he’s finding ways to introduce tech-based solutions to the problems he sees around him. What a way to make dreams come true!

Gerald will be demo-ing his work on September 12. Check our socials for more information on how to participate in the Demo Day.

Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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