How a Radio Broadcaster Secured a Software Developer Position

Mimi Anaman works as a radio broadcaster in Takoradi. Nearly a year ago, she joined us here at Codetrain. She knew absolutely nothing about coding and IT. She came with a dream in her heart; she wanted to become a professional developer. Less than a year later, her dreams are coming true! She’s less than a month away from completing the year-long Codetrain Experience and she has already secured a developer internship position. Her story is one of those we are very excited about. Still juggling her daytime radio job, Mimie has been able to transition from a tech rookie to a pro developer. We sat down with her for a little tête-à-tête.

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Why did you join Codetrain?

I heard it’s easier to secure a job in the tech space than any other. I’d like to travel soon and I knew tech skills were just what I needed to put me ahead.

How has the experience been so far?

It has been tough! It hasn’t been an easy journey at all but I have started from zero knowledge in programming to being able to build apps and websites. I’m very proud of my achievements. It’s been great so far.

What’s your dream?

My dream is to be a full stack developer. I’m also passionate about mentoring young ladies who are interested in tech. My learning curve has been a good experience and I’m determined to pay it forward and help others too.

How do you see your dream coming true through tech?

I can build apps from the ground up, with no supervision. You can follow my Instagram to see some screenshots from my projects. I have also started working with Gist Ghana to teach girls how to code. It’s the most fulfilling experience ever!

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What’s your favourite thing about Codetrain?

It has to be the teaching fellows! They are always available and ready to help. There was even a time when I hit Awal up at 2 am to help me with a bug. And he did- without even batting an eyelid. Their generosity with the knowledge they have is incredible.

If Mimi can, then you can do it too! She is all set to make her dreams come true! She is almost done with our program, that’ll see her become a full stack developer. Mimi’s also super excited about the work she’s doing with Gist Ghana. We are honoured to play a role in making your dream come true, Mimi.

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