How Gerald Is Improving Information- Sharing On COVID-19

Since the first time he saw one, Gerald has been fascinated with how computers work. He would look at his electronic organizer and wonder. What goes on behind the screens? What does it look like on the inside? How does it work?

This curiosity never left him. Unfortunately, like most people, he decided to take the ‘sensible’ route.

He got into college to study a course that he thought was a reliable one; the less risk, the better, right?

Apparently not

He graduated and started working a job he detested. That’s when it dawned on him that he’d rather spend his life labouring over something he actually loved. He decided to set his dreams into motion by joining Codetrain and training to be a software developer.

Life is for the living but what’s it worth if every task you do requires so much from you?

Gerald’s biggest dream is to use technology to make life easy.

Now that he’s finally a professional software developer, his dreams are finally taking off. Gerald’s Demo Day project is an app called Casibus.

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That’s exactly what he did with his Demo Day project, Casibus. He built it to make the lives of healthcare professionals easier.

Presently, the biggest challenge facing humanity is the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on life everywhere. One of the biggest challenges with the disease is its novelty. Every case is different and there’s no pre-existing body of research to refer to as a healthcare professional. The constantly mutating nature of the virus makes it difficult to effectively treat without updated information on cases around the world.

Gerald built Casibus to solve this problem. The web application works like a social network for healthcare workers.

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Healthcare workers create an account on Casibus. After this, they follow other healthcare professionals that they would like to be hearing from. One can also be followed by others. Entries to the app work like tweets do. One can post an entry which will include information from a specific COVID-19 case. The doctor would include fields like name, gender and medical history in their post. Other healthcare professionals can also contribute their opinions by replying to the posts.

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What Casibus does, in effect is to create a platform where healthcare workers can receive updates about the virus in real-time. This will go a long way to make the disease easier to tackle. The knowledge that will be shared across the platform will arm healthcare workers for the fight against COVID.

Learning to code does take a lot of commitment, Gerald admitted, but if it equips me to make life easier for humanity at large, then it’s definitely worth it.

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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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