How Solomon Is Introducing Technology Into Test-taking In Ghana

23-year-old Solomon works in an organization that organizes exams for high school students. His zeal for IT was so high that he decided to take online courses to acquire tech skills. After getting in over his head, Solomon found us. Codetrain was able to offer him a well-defined structure to his learning and also gave him a solid community of developers to grow with.

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Why did you join Codetrain?

How has the experience been so far?

What’s your dream?

How do you see your dream coming true through tech?

What’s your favourite thing about Codetrain?

Sometimes the gap between our dreams and their execution is what we don’t know. Knowledge of software development has a way of opening up the world to you.

Wanna make your dreams come true as well? We’d be honoured to help you out. APPLY HERE to join our September cohort.
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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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