Making Dreams Come True

(This is a continuation of last week’s story. Check out here if you haven’t already.)

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When people fulfil their dreams, they positively impact their communities.

Time to let you in on a bit more of my conversation with Adansonia(no, it’s not a made-up name; it’s the biological name for the baobab).

His dream was simply to thrive.

And thrive, he did. He realized that to be exceptional, he’d have to do what no one else was doing. Every other tree in the plains simply stretched out their roots for sustenance. He decided to do the undone. He ventured more than 2 metres below ground level. He continued searching until he found enough food to thrive on. He grew strong and tall and very great.

Making dreams come true.

This is more than a tagline to us at Codetrain. Training people to be world-class software developers isn’t a random school activity. Our boot camp is purposefully designed to give Codetrainers the ability to code their dreams into reality. Since tech is the new normal, this is the surest way to positively impact communities and leave humanity better than it was before.

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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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