Nigerian lady becomes a software developer at Codetrain while studying in Ghana

Precious joined Codetrain while studying in Ghana for her undergraduate studies. She was enthusiastic about web development right from the word go. She mastered and became the best at it.

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precious receiving her certificate as a professional web developer after studying at Codetrain

‘ when i came to study in Ghana, i was looking out for a school to practically learn web development which i am so passionate about. I went online and found Codetrain to be the best place to nurture my talent. I joined and surprisingly in few months, i learnt to build web applications and websites’

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Precious with her colleagues at Codetrain

After her studies at Codetrain, Precious returned to her home country Nigeria and joined Aiivon, an Innovation Hub in Abuja as a front-end web developer.

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Precious at Aiivon

Precious sees herself leading global tech firm in few years. She is very passionate about empowering women to achieve greater heights with technology.

Codetrain is a special school that trains anybody to become a professional software developer and matches them to internships and job opportunities. Join us now. Call or whatsapp +233545792397/+233548604333 or send an email to to register now. Visit for more.

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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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