No thanks; I’ll pass.

“Err that’s alright; I won’t be needing internet banking; I don’t know how to use all these your computer things” the customer wouldn’t hear of anything else. The nearest bank branch was at least an hour away from her house. Still, she'd rather make the drive than figure out how to use the ‘computer things’.

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Example after example can be sited to support this fact. People simply find tech intimidating. They can’t be bothered to figure it out because, in their minds, failure is inevitable. This inability to adapt stems from a single place; the mind. The average joe doesn’t realize how close tech is to us in our daily lives.

Technology is more than endless computation and algorithms; it forms the basis of human development. It is simply the way we use what we know to make our lives easier. The technology revolves around playing around with knowledge to make dreams come true. Doubt it? Just read on.

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Source: Ben Neale on Unsplash

Leonardo DaVinci is huddled over his sketches. He’s studying the structure of yet another bird’s wings. His dream burns heavy in his chest — What if humans could fly just as the birds do? He would eventually die with the dream unfulfilled. The Wright brothers would come on the scene and use all they know to design the modern-day aeroplane. Leonardo’s dream of humans flying is alive and well, thanks to technology.

Before 1846, when anaesthesia started being administered, one can only imagine the number of patients that could only dream of painless medical procedures. Again, a dream came true through the use of knowledge.

These examples might be a far cry from what we typically call tech today. One thing, however, remains consistent. Tech is still using what we know to make our lives easier. So before you say a sharp ‘No, thanks’ to the next innovation that's being sold to you, please remember that you’ll be saying no to a dream come true.

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