The Dream Driver Called Tech

The average child is full of zest and creativity. They have the world at their feet; they believe they can have absolutely anything they want. A child dreams and dreams boundlessly; anything is possible! There seems to be something about ‘growing up’ that slowly stumps dreams out of existence until they are nothing but distant memories.

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The people who have achieved the most groundbreaking advances in innovation are often those who have refused to grow up. In the words of the legendary Jobs,

“Those who change the world are often those who are crazy enough to think they can”

Technology is the driving force for change and innovation these days. It is almost as boundless as the dreams in our hearts.

Codetrain brings you this webinar as a Kickstarter. We want to let our kids know that they do not have to outgrow their dreams; that they are just as capable of changing the world as someone in any other corner of the globe.

Join us on 15th August for an exciting time with technology. REGISTER NOW at

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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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