Watch: High School Students Learn How to Code in 3 Months at Codetrain

Staying at home can boring, even for adults but for Naa Momo and Mamle, they decided to make the best out of their free time at home just before they enter Senior High school.

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Naa Momo and Maamle, both 16-year-olds, started learning at Codetrain, Always the first people to arrive, their cheerful nature set them apart from their colleagues. They grasped the content of the studies quickly and have already planned prototypes of the next big projects.

Female trainee developers at Codetrain, Naa Momo and Mamle, speak about websites they’ve built in just 3 months of learning how to code from scratch.

As they begin their senior high school journey, we wish them all the best in their studies! #CodetrainAfrica

Codetrain empowers young Africans to rise digitally by transforming them into professional software developers and match them to internships and job opportunities. Join our January admissions. Call 0545792397/0548604333 to register now or apply

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