Watch: Titus from Liberia achieves his dream at Codetrain as a software developer.

James Titus joined the Codetrain Training programme as a virtual student exactly 1 year ago. He learned how to code and program online via Codetrain’s Virtual Class Program. He had weekly classes and check-ins with our teaching fellows and completed the programme.

At the end of his training, James flew to Ghana to demo his final project to fellow students. He created a platform for buyers and sellers. James also attended his graduation to celebrate#CodetrainAt2 as well.

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‘Distance should not come between you and your dreams’. -James Titus

Codetrain empowers young Africans to rise digitally by transforming them into professional software developers and match them to internships and job opportunities. Join our January admissions. Call 0545792397/0548604333 to register now or apply

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Codetrain trains world class software developers in Ghana and matches them to employment opportunities.

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